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  • Watercolor

  • Drawing

  • Open Painting

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Great times!

the RANGA house was established in Tumwater January of 2017. We have already had a handful of events. If you'd like to browse a small gallery of our gatherings, this is the place.


the RANGA house is dedicated to art, inclusivity, and community. We appreciate, and are grateful, for the opportunity to see people of all ages create art, and to see how it physically transforms them. The time it takes for someone new to RANGA to relax and enjoy themselves is phenomenally little. We love everyone!

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sustain + Renew

Toss it? No way!

Repair CafĂ© at RANGA is about sustainability. It is a free, volunteer run event, where-in you can bring broken items to be repaired. From furniture to phones, if we have a volunteer with the know-how, we will find a way. Not only do we reduce landfill waste by repairing things, instead of throwing them away, but the volunteers also teach how to repair the item. This way, the owner is able to make repairs themselves, in the future.

ranga  is love!

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